SMS PASSCODE A/S is the internationally recognized technology leader in a new generation of two-factor authentication via SMS.
A driving factor behind SMS PASSCODE A/S is the recognition that customer needs have changed, and hence the traditional approach to corporate asset security is inadequate. Essentially the most important company asset - information - is a great liability. And the increasingly global business environments call for greater flexibility in protecting these assets. Responsively SMS PASSCODE A/S develops solutions that empower organizations around the world to address the new unique challenges of our internet connected and threatened world in an easy yet very secure way.

The core solution offer higher security than traditional two-factor authentication solutions, the broadest client log-in system support, an industry leading architecture in terms of scalability and reliability and with a financial total cost of ownership of half or less when compared to more traditional hardware token based approaches.

Based in the EMEA region, SMS PASSCODE is represented throughout the world by a set of competent and talented distributor and reseller partners that enable delivery of the best technology available with the local support often desired. The company also has a set of strategic partners, including joint development projects, that has placed the solution at the forefront of the two-factor authentication field. Finallly, the company has been internationally recognized as one of the globally most interesting technology leaders within our field.