How clean do you want to be?
Data Clean offers the following cleaning services performed on a variable frequency. Service frequency ranges from a one-time event to daily maintenance.

The scope of each service is adjusted based on the existing level of facility cleanliness and the target level of cleanliness.

Data Centers or Computer Rooms
• ISO Class 8 or Class 9
• Fed. Std. 209E – Class 100,000

Whether your data center or computer room is just a closet or a mega-center, it needs to be cleaned to maintain the health of the equipment, the health of the personnel and the environmental aesthetics. Data Clean technicians perform three basic services separately, or in combinations, that are designed to keep you computer room running at peak performance. These three services are: Exterior Hardware Cleaning, Tops of Floor Cleaning, and Underfloor Plenum Cleaning. Combinations of these services are usually performed at scheduled intervals, ranging from once per year to once a day. These same services and variations are performed in response to floods, or other disasters, or to prepare for equipment installation after construction.