a) Penetration Testing
b) Security Policy and Procedure Assessment
c) Security Architecture Audit and Design
d) VoIP Security Assessment
e) Vulnerability Assessments
f) War Dialing Assessment
g) Web Application Assessment
h) Web Application Penetration Testing
i) Wireless Assessment
j) Achieve compliance with govt. industry regulations

• Penetration Testing:
Tasaheel’s Penetration Testing: Discover the Security Vulnerabilities in Your Infrastructure Penetration testing is a valuable step to help identify weaknesses in your infrastructure while demonstrating how malicious attackers can impact your organization. Conducting regular penetration tests is a good security best practice and regular security assessments are required by many government and industry regulations.

Tasaheel Expertise
Penetration testing involves a much higher degree of hands-on work, relying on the tester’s skills, than a typical vulnerability scan. Using the latest methods and tricks used by “real” hackers, Tasaheel’s security experts will conduct a simulated attack on your systems. Our seasoned experts use a combination of open source, commercial and proprietary tools, for a more thorough, efficient test.

Tailored to Your Needs
Tasaheel can tailor the penetration test to meet the needs of your organization. Internal or external penetration test: tests can be conducted from an internal or external point-of-view White or black-box test: consultants can conduct a no-knowledge, limited knowledge or full knowledge test

Tasaheel Penetration Testing Benefits
Tasaheel Penetration testing can help your organization: 1. Address government and industry regulatory compliance requirements
2. Discover network vulnerabilities and risks to your critical systems
3. Validate the effectiveness of current security safeguards
4. Identify remediation steps to help prevent network compromise

• Security Policy and Procedure Assessment
• Tasaheel’s Security Policy and Procedure Assessments and Consulting Service Security policies and procedures are the foundation of an information security program. Organizations should document security policies, regularly assess their policies and update their policies as business changes. Many government and industry regulations also require ongoing documentation and assessment of security policies.

Tasaheel works with clients to assess their current security policies and procedures. We also can help with the development and dissemination of security policies as well as awareness training. Through proper documentation and training, Tasaheel helps to ensure that the business requirements of the organization are properly communicated as they relate to IT controls and securing information assets.

• VoIP Security Assessment
Tasaheel’s VoIP Security Assessment: Identifying vulnerabilities in your VoIP infrastructure VoIP networks continue to grow in popularity as the convergence of voice and data into a single network promises to reduce costs, improve quality and simplify management. The addition of voice on the network poses new challenges to the enterprise and new potential security risks arise.

Securing Voice VLANs
Tasaheel can test the security of VoIP communication systems. During the assessment, Tasaheel security experts will attempt to access privileged information or systems by exploiting weaknesses in the VoIP network.

• Vulnerability Assessment
Tasaheel’s Vulnerability Assessment and Validation Service Vulnerability assessments identify and quantify vulnerabilities in a system. While these assessments don’t cover the breadth of scenario and logic-based testing of a full-blown penetration test, they do provide a hacker’s-eye view of an organization’s network security. Many vulnerability assessments only include the use of automated network scanning tools. These tools can be quite thorough, but often produce “false positives” and “false negatives” that create additional work for IT staff. For the most effective results, these tools should be used by a security expert who can provide “Hand Validation” of the vulnerabilities that are discovered. Hand validation uses other tools and techniques to go beyond the automated scan to determine if the vulnerability exists. Only then, will an organization be able to focus on the truly high-risk vulnerabilities and have a prioritized roadmap for remediating those vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Assessment and Validation Benefits
The Tasaheel Vulnerability Assessment and Validation service goes beyond a typical singletool automated scan. Tasaheel security experts provide cross validation and hand validation of vulnerabilities, then takes the process of threat and vulnerability assessment one step further by identifying the root cause behind system vulnerabilities on the internal critical systems (when possible). Without identifying the root cause, vulnerabilities will often reappear. By identifying the root cause, mitigating steps can be taken to address the vulnerability, as well as numerous other potential vulnerabilities. At the end of the assessment, Tasaheel provides comprehensive deliverables